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Terms and conditions

This terms and conditions applies to users, who wish to avail the products and services offered by Unico Housing Finance Private Limited offered through various channels including mobile application, website, portals, call center, branches and offices extended over various geographical locations. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be published in the website www.unicohousingfinance.com The user shall abide by these terms and conditions and any changes there to , till the user stops using or accessing all of the products or services or till all the contractual obligations of the users are fulfilled and confirmed by Unico, whichever is later.

Users should read thoroughly these terms and conditions before availing, any products and services from Unico. By accessing the Unico Channels, browsing or availing Unico products and services, you agree and explicitly consent to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.

Accepting or abiding by this terms and conditions, availing the products or services of Unico doesn’t permit any special rights to the user


“Products and Services”: refers to all the services and products provided by Unico Housing Finance Private Limited to the USER including but not limited to loan, loan application and their related services, which may be online or offline.

“Unico Housing Finance Private Limited” herein after to as “Unico”, is a company registered under Companies Act 1956 and approved by RBI to undertake Housing Finance Business, with its registered office at 8th Floor, The Oval, Venkatanarayana Road, Tnagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600017.

“Channels” refers to the medium through which the products and services are availed by the customers including but not limited to the mobile applications, websites, branch, call center, applications used by employees of Unico or agents engaged by Unico, collaboration tools like whatsapp.

“User/Users” refers to any individual, legal entity or representative who uses Products and Service of Unico.

“Credentials” combination of user-id and password, OTP (one time password) , soft token set by the user or provided by Unico to the user, for purpose of authentication and authorization.


By Accessing the products and services of Unico through any channel, you represent and warrant that

  1. You are a citizen of India.
  2. You are a major (above 18 years of age) and capable of legally binding agreement in individual capacity or as authorized signatory of an entity.
  3. You will abide by the terms and conditions as setout herein and any subsequent changes, this is addition to the other terms and conditions stipulated for availing the products or services.
  4. You will adhere to the security practices as defined by Unico, as part of this terms and conditions or duly communicated to you from time to time , while accessing the products and services.


Unico make available to users various services through its channels including but not limited to inquire for product or services, view the details of products or services, apply or register for a product or service, facilitate onboarding to product either by user or through an assisted mode, make payment of fee or repayment of loans, request for various services.

Unico reserves the right to add or withdraw services or amend or limit the scope of services, add or remove features of products or withdraw or add product or service through any channel or add/change the service window, enhance/decrease transaction limit , add or remove authentication modes etc., at its sole discretion, from time to time without any prior intimation.

Unico at its sole discretion reserves the right to engage the services of Technology Service Providers/Direct Sales Agents/Payment Gateways/Collection Agents/Other Independent Financial Agents for providing the products and services, collect dues, verify the information furnished by you or information related to the property as required to ascertain the credit worthiness and eligibility before, during or after availing the products and services.

For accessing Unico Channels, user would need internet/specific version of softwares such as browsers, applications or devices. There will be no obligation on Unico to support all version of softwares or devices at any point. It is the responsibility of the user to upgrade the hardware (which includes devices), software at their own cost and from time to time to access the channels.

Unico will be sending various communication including but not limited to OTP, transaction alerts, security alerts and Notification, promotional messages as part of servicing the user request or based on the user browsing history. The communication to the users through various modes including sms, email, call, whatsapp , push notification or internal notifications with in the application etc. User hereby agree, authorize and provide consent to Unico to send such communication.

User acknowledges that delivery of these communications are dependent on the infrastructure, connectivity and services provided by the service providers. Unico shall not be responsible for non- receipt or delay of the sms, error, loss or distortion in transmission of information and instructions to/from user. Unico will not be responsible for any delay/non-receipt/error/ loss or distortion of such communication.

Obligations of the User :

User shall be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and security of the credentials shared for accessing Unico products and services.

Users have to submit all relevant documents or form, execute agreements, comply with all requirements, so communicated by Unico from time to time. User understand and agrees that failure to furnish any details sought by Unico, to comply with its statutory or regulatory obligations would result in termination/suspension of access to channels/products and services or applying restriction on the channels/product and services being extended to the user.

User shall update or Intimate Unico, about the change in the Mobile Number, email address, Communication Address and submit relevant document including KYC Documents called for by Unico for affecting these changes without any delay. Unico will not be responsible for non-delivery of communication or delivery of communication to wrong mobile, email or address.

User shall set strong password with preferable length of 8 or more characters. The password shall include at least one upper case character, special character and numeric values. The password should not contain user specific details known to public, which makes the password easily guessable. User should also change the password periodically.

User shall restrict the use of site for the purpose of availing the products and services made available by Unico. It shall not be used for initiating any making any fraudulent transactions or for purposes that are unethical, forbidden.

User shall inform Unico within a reasonable time about unauthorized access or erroneous transaction in the accounts.

Unico will initiate all steps in line with best practices to maintain, secrecy and confidentiality of User information.

Liability of the User :

If the user fails to meet the obligations set forth for accessing the channels, availing the product and services of Unico. Unico shall not be liable for any such unauthorised transaction or actions which occur through the channels provided by Unico. The user hereby fully indemnifies and holds COMPANY harmless against any action, suit, proceeding, inquiry, investigation initiated against it or any loss, cost or damaged incurred by Unico.

Unico will not be responsible for any loss/damage caused to the user in any manner whatsoever rising out of /due to failure of user in meeting the obligations.

Unico shall not be liable for any damages to users whatsoever cause on account of breach of secrecy /confidentiality due to hacking and/or technological lapses beyond the control of Unico.

Fee and Charges:

User shall check and the understand the service charges and fee, before availing the product or services through Unico Channels.

User shall be responsible to pay the fee as defined in the service charges/fee section of the website for availing the product or services through Unico Channels. Unico reserves the right to terminate/suspend or limit the features, if the fees are not paid by the Users. The decision of Unico will be final and will be binding on the customer.

Any changes to the service charges and fee will be notified to the user through website.

Unico reserves the right to charge service charges for delayed payments or default or bounce of cheque or for failed mandates etc.

Refunds and Cancellation:

Users need to pay various service charges and fee for availing the products and services through Unico Channels. The fee paid by the user will not be refunded if the customer is later found to be in eligible for availing the products and services during the course of evaluation.

For online transactions, wherein the User account has been debited and same is not updated in Unico channels, Unico will mark the transaction status as success or failure based after doing the necessary reconciliation. Hence, users are advised to check the transaction status before making the repayment.

If for any reasons, Unico is not able to process the User request even though the customer is eligible for availing the product or service, after receiving the payment . Unico will refund the entire amount to the user within 7 working days. No interest or additional charges will be paid to the user.

Unauthorized Usage:

The USER shall take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized and illegal use of channels, products and services offered by Unico. USER agrees not to

  1. impersonate an employee or representative of the Unico
  2. misrepresent identity or affiliation with a person or entity
  3. send unsolicited and unauthorized communication
  4. Copy/reproduce/ sell in part or full, any material in Unico Channels which includes but not limited features, designs, products, services, content, logic, images, logo in any form
  5. upload/transmit/display/Host virus, worms, adware, spyware, trojans, malware, executables, any information which belongs to other person/information or content which are politically motivated, racial , obscene, pornographic, derogatory in nature, that threatens the unity, integrity, sovereignty of India, infringes the intellectual property right etc.
  6. perform any action that impacts the channels/functioning of Unico and its employees in any manner.
  7. attempt to gain access to any portion of the SITE or any SERVICES not offered to the USER
  8. attempt to interfere with proper working of the SITE or restrict or inhibit any other USER from using the SITE.
  9. facilitate others to gain unauthorized access by any means including but not limited to sharing the credentials or OTPs shared to the customers for accessing or availing various products and services.
  10. publish over social media, disclose or make public, user credentials or any information made available by Unico to the user.
  11. scan Unico channels for vulnerabilities, do reverse engineering, probe to exploit vulnerabilities in the channels.

  12. Users will be liable for such actions and Unico reserves the right to report such violation to the law enforcement agencies, initiate complaints against the user with law enforcement agencies. Unico has right to exercise all remedies not limited to legal, available to it for recovering the loss from user, due to such unauthorized usage.

Governing Law and Jurisdictions:

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the USER expressly consents and submits to the laws of Republic of India and to be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Chennai, India only, giving such courts the exclusive power and authority to hear and determine any dispute between the parties of this agreement.

Unico accepts no liability whatsoever, direct or indirect, for non- compliance with the laws of any country other than India. In case the user is accessing the channels from any country other than India, then it is responsibility of the user to comply with the laws of the respective country.

Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding anything contained in these terms and condition or privacy policy or any such document, Unico, its employee, directors, officers, agents, partners shall in no event to liable to User or any other person for any indirect, incidental , punititve, business opportunity loss , loss of profit, loss of anticipated savings , direct/indirect or consequential damages due to

  1. In ability to access the channels or products and services of Unico
  2. Non-availability (partial or full ) of Unico Channels , products and services.
  3. Due to improper usage or malfunctioning of software/application, end user devices etc.
  4. Due to erroneous transaction, unsuccessful credit or debits or cases wherein the status of the transaction could not be ascertained by Unico.
  5. Any actions of the users, based on the contents or information in the channels of Unico

Force Majure:

Unico shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, non-availability of channels or products or services or deficiency in provision of the same, which are resulting directly or indirectly for reason beyond control of Unico including but not limited to

  1. Fire, earthquake and any other natural calamity , flood , pandemic, epidemic.
  2. Stike , lock out, labour unrest, riot, civil disturbance, acts of war, civil commotion
  3. act of God, act of terrorism
  4. hacking, malware attacks, ransomware attack
  5. court order, regulatory or legal directions, government orders
  6. severe disruption of infrastructure services including but not limited to telecom.


User agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Unico , its employees, officers, promoters, directors, agents , partners and other applicable third parties from and against any and all claims, demands , damages , obligations, losses, cost, expenses due to

  1. User violation of any terms and conditions or obligations as set forth herein.
  2. User violation of any third-party rights or unauthorised use of Unico channels/ products and services or failure to comply with the application laws and regulations.